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FREE Sisterhood Gathering Call!

Finding the right Sisterhood,

and getting grounded in our Intentions!

Connect with Kasie, Cydney, Khem, and sisters from all around the world in Keepers of the Womb Virtual Sisterhood.


During this FREE CALL you will:

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  • Connect with the Directions and Elements.

  • Receive a deep and clear understanding of WHY Keepers of the Womb Virtual Sisterhood is different from other sisterhoods! 

  • Remember the importance of Setting Intentions and using the power of the DIVINE FEMININE to strengthen all you wish to create!

  • Be guided through Breathwork and a Grounding Practice.

  • Explore the

     importance of communication in Sisterhood.

  • Learn the importance of Shadow/Trauma Work & Light Work

  • Remember the power of SELF, and how to always honor SELF in SISTERHOOD!

  • Receive Journal Prompts to further your connection to your Sisterhood, and much more!

Meet Our Keepers of the Womb!


Keepers of the Womb Virtual Sisterhood is a safe space for women of all backgrounds to gather monthly with the intention of supporting and inspiring one another to live a life of love, healing, and self-awareness! 


Together we will explore the seven energy centers, womb wellness, confidence embodiment, how to build a trusting sisterhood, and the beauty of sinking deeper into our hearts.


Our prayer is for you to fully embody your truth, with the loving support of your sisterhood.